Monday, August 25, 2014

Traffic changes coming to Gallatin campus this semester

Nobody likes traffic jams, but there's no reason you can't make getting around campus easy on yourself.

This semester will see the beginning of a major construction project on a new Humanities Building on the Gallatin campus, so your normal traffic patterns getting in and out of campus will likely change as construction gets underway.

By getting into the habit now of using the back entrance and the two parking lots located near Enterprise Drive, students will be able to avoid any construction and road closures that will be taking place later on in the semester.

The new Humanities Building will be located behind the Wood Campus Center.
Where is Enterprise Drive?
It's the road that leads to the campus from Greenlea Boulevard near Highway 386.

The Gallatin campus' new Humanities Building will be located in the parking lot behind the Wood Campus Center.

Road construction and parking lot closures are expected to be the biggest changes once crews gear up for the start of the project.

This will most notably effect the main entrance on Howard George Boulevard. That road will eventually stop behind Caudill Hall to make way for a new pedestrian mall that will stretch beyond the library.
A new pedestrian mall will replace a major portion of Howard George Boulevard.
Although returning student Jordan Vandejuchte has never used the back entrance before, she said the new route shouldn't hinder too much, as long as she gives herself ample time to get to and from her classroom.

"I guess I'd have to plan for that. Get here a little earlier so I can walk to my class," she said.

Bryanna Boyd, another returning student, said she hopes the parking situation will be manageable as construction begins ramping up.

"They'll need to open up more parking spaces, because people always feel like they have nowhere to park," Boyd said.

A new parking lot near the back entrance of campus is planned to be constructed along with the new Humanities Building.

The 85,800-square-foot facility will feature 23 classrooms, 18 labs, 11 collaborative study areas, 56 offices, 20 adjunct faculty workrooms, and an outdoor amphitheater and courtyard.

The new building also will feature a number of specialized instructional spaces, including a recording studio; drawing, ceramics, and printmaking studios; instrumental and choral practice rooms; computer labs; an instructional art gallery; and a large capacity flexible instructional space.

Anticipated to begin construction in November, the new Humanities Building will be constructed to meet U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification.

The project is expected to take about two years to complete.

The new building and pedestrian area will be a welcome addition to the campus, and students, such as Jacob Weems, are looking forward to it.

"As long as it's bettering the campus, personally, I have no complaints," he said.

We have created a new map detailing the campus' back entrance. Click on the image below for a better look at the route.
The selected yellow route will allow easier access to campus during times of construction.

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