Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vol State September Events Calendar

All events are free, unless specified
Sept. 1 Labor Day holiday – campuses closed

Sept. 3 Welcome Day! Nichols Dining Room, 10am-2pm

Sept. 10 Honors Lecture/ Panel: Science, Technology, and Society, Thigpen Library, 12:20pm

Sept. 12 Harvest Moon Soiree, Foundation fundraiser, Bluegrass Country Club, 6pm
advance tickets for sale, call 230-3506

Sept. 15 Intramural Flag Football meeting, Library Lawn, 2pm

Sept. 16 Hispanic Heritage Lunch and Learn, Nichols Dining Room, 12:30pm

Sept. 16 Intramural Soccer meeting, Library Lawn, 2pm

Sept. 17 Constitution Day- Jaywalking Video, Paralegal, Cafeteria, 12 pm

Sept. 17 Civil Rights in the U.S: The 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act 
(A  Constitution Day Presentation), Stella Pierce, Thigpen Library, 12:20pm

Sept. 18 Coffee with the Prez, Cafeteria, 10am-11am

Sept. 18 Pre-Nursing Advising Session with Cumberland University, Warf 110, 12:45pm

Sept. 23 Health and Wellness, Nichols Dining Room, 10am to 2pm

Sept. 23 Pre-Nursing Advising Session with Belmont University, Warf 110, 12:45pm

Sept. 24 Job Career Fair, Pickel Field House Gym, 10am to 1pm

Sept. 24 Vets Next Steps – Job advice for veterans, Pickel Field House, 11:30am-1 pm

Sept. 24 The Relationship Guy – Jereme Ford, Thigpen Library, 12:30pm

Sept. 25 Sumner College Night, Pickel Field House Gym, 6 pm to 8 pm

Sept. 30 Western Kentucky President visit with students, Nichols Dining Room, 1-2pm

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