Monday, February 2, 2015

A Few Tips for Dealing with the Construction

The rear parking lots near the back entrance will be less congested than the main lots on the other side of campus.
If you haven't already noticed, there's a bit of construction going on at Vol State's Gallatin campus. Your usual parking spot or route through campus might no longer be available as work has begun on the new Humanities Building.

Of course, construction of a new building doesn't come without a few inconveniences for current students as they travel to and from campus throughout the semester. Students should be prepared for changing traffic patterns in the coming weeks.

The back entrance to the college off Greenlea is still open and the rear lots are likely to be the places with the least congestion as work continues.

Studio art student Catherine Bates usually enters the college from the back entrance and parks near the Art building, so she hasn't experienced many troubles trying to find a space.

"It hasn't affected me too much. It hasn't been too bad, because I have later classes anyway, so it really doesn't cause any problems for since since I normally park in front of the art building," she said.

The only issue she has run into since starting the spring semester is coming across the road closure going to and from the back entrance, which is expected to last several months. Students will only be able to go left and head towards the rear lots, Wallace South parking, the Art building, and the Pickel Field House. Science Field Station students will be the only ones allowed to take a right turn to go to their building from the back entrance.

This week the main entrance will remain open, but there will likely be lane closures over the next several months. You will be able to enter and exit from Nashville Pike, but the entrance will be down to one lane in each direction, which could cause problems for students who drive larger trucks and SUVs.

Some students will need to plan ahead to ensure they have ample time to make it to their classes from the various parking lots as the construction continues.

"I have gotten here earlier to find a spot. I'll probably get here early every day, because I live an hour away," agriculture student Kailee Evans said.

Students are being asked to keep a watchful eye on the college's online presence to find out about important construction information as it relates to campus traffic.

"We're doing our best to keep students updated to changes on campus. Students should pay close attention to social media updates — posts on Facebook, Twitter, and the blog," Coordinator of Communications and Public Relations Eric Melcher said.

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