Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Digital Direction: Settler Online Undergoing Facelift

Change is good, and The Settler — Vol State's student newspaper — is taking that mantra to heart as it moves forward in the digital age.

Although this isn't the paper's first foray into the online world, the newly-launched Settler Online is the new way readers can access the week's top stories and interact with the Settler staff. The interactivity of the new website, which is in its beta form, will feature more social media aspects than ever before.

"It's going to showcase a lot of students individually and their talents and a lot more than what can just fit in a week's paper," online editor Adam Parks said.

The Settler has been without a website for some time, and this new version will not only feature the stories from the print edition, but it will also feature a variety of entertainment and interaction through games and the ability to comment. The paper has had both Facebook and Twitter accounts in the past, but staff members hope the new website will reach a wider audience through its online presence. The new website is mobile friendly, so readers can access from smart phones and other devices.

"The old website was more of an extension, not necessarily a whole different aspect of what the newspaper can be. We want it try to make it into something else rather than just having the same stuff that's in the print edition," layout manager Michael Clark said.

For the more traditional readers, the print edition isn't going anywhere. It'll still be available every week at a newsstand near you. For the tech-savvy, keep an eye on Settler Online for the latest updates.

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