Thursday, April 16, 2015

Important Gallatin Construction Update - Road Closed Permanently

Due to construction needs, the loop road around campus (Howard George Blvd) will be permanently closed, starting this Saturday, April 18, between the Wood Campus Center and the Thigpen Library.  This effectively cuts the road in two and will not allow for through access for vehicles. This will have several impacts for students, faculty, staff and visitors:
-People driving who wish to access the Pickel Field House (east) side of campus will need to enter at Enterprise Drive or Gap Blvd. You will no longer be able to travel from the west side of campus to the east side of campus, without using Nashville Pike.
-People driving who use the Enterprise Drive entrance to campus will only be able to travel to the east side of campus. Those who normally enter at Enterprise Drive and travel to the west side of campus (Caudill Hall, Ramer) will need to use the Nashville Pike entrance.
-Anyone wishing to drive from one end of campus to the other will need to use Nashville Pike

Construction work on the new loop road is ongoing. It is expected to be completed in early May. Until then, we appreciate your patience. The new Humanities Building will be a great asset to campus.

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