Friday, May 1, 2015

Three Helpful Tips for Getting Through Finals Week

An instructor leads a Supplemental Instruction session.
Are you fretting over finals? Don't! As you get ready to complete the semester, don't get overwhelmed studying for all of your tests. Here are a few helpful tips from faculty and staff that will hopefully keep you on track.

  • Pace yourself
One of things students tend to get overwhelmed with is the number of tests they have to study for. Supplemental Instruction coordinator Toni Murad said students should plan out their study sessions instead of jumping into everything all at once.

"They need to be careful about timing so they don't exhaust themselves in studying for finals," she said.

  • Don't rely on cram sessions
Since most people have short attention spans, Murad said it's best to study in small 20-minute increments as opposed to trying to remember every single detail the night or morning before your exam.

"A lot of people tend to try and study for a full day or full night before their exam, but that's the absolute worst thing you could do. Study in small spurts with breaks in between," she said.

  • Don't procrastinate
This is probably the number one tip to avoid extra stress when it comes to facing finals week. Instructor Nathaniel Smyth said students will be better off if they don't wait until zero hour to get everything done.

"What a lot of folks do is they'll put it off and they're worrying about whatever project they have to do first or what TV show they're trying to watch or whatever they can come up with to rationalize procrastinating," he said.

By following these tips, getting enough rest, and eating balanced meals, you should feel refreshed and ready to face your finals. 

If you need any extra help with studying for a certain class, ask your professor if there is an SI component to the class. SI instructors will be working around the clock over the next few days making sure everyone feels prepared for their exams. Contact Murad at 615-230-4757 or to find out more about SI.

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