Thursday, July 2, 2015

What is the Big Deal about Taking a Semester off?

Many people don't take classes in the summer, but what is the big deal with taking a fall or spring semester off? We bring this up because many students do take a fall or spring semester off...and sadly, many of those students will never return to college to finish their degree. The biggest risk is for students who stop taking classes twice in their college career. They have a very low rate of returning to college.

If you took classes last year it's time to register for  fall classes. Even if you just take one or two classes, the progress will keep you moving forward. We understand that community college students often juggle work, family and other time constraints. We offer classes at many different times and locations, including online.

See if you can work a fall class or two into your schedule. Why do we care? We judge our performance on how well you do- and that means you receiving a degree from Vol State. We want to prepare you for the next step- the workplace or transfer for a four-year degree. To do that you need to complete what you started at Vol State.

If you have run into problems we are here to help. Visit our Advising Center in Gallatin in the Ramer Building, Room 174. Or ask for advising help at the front desk of Livingston and Highland Crest. You can also call Advising on the phone at 615-230-3702.

Do yourself a favor. Commit to Completion.

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