Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Six Tips for New Students

Welcome new Vol State students. Here are six things that can make your life a bit easier:
       -Double-check your class schedule to make sure that you don’t have conflicts.
2.      -Make sure that you don’t have online classes, unless you want them.  The sections that are online include: CO#, R## and H##.
3.      -If you have a class that says Livingston, Highland, Cookeville or McGavock for location, those are other campuses, not buildings on the Gallatin campus.
4.      -Print up a campus map and figure out where your classes will be held.
5.      -Get to campus early on the first few days to find parking and to find your way around.
If you are having any issues you can call or visit the Advising Center this week for help. They are in Ramer 174 or by phone at 615-230-3702. You can also talk to an Advisor at Highland and Livingston. Check-in at the front desk.

If you have a class that has includeED course materials, including books, don’t worry about ordering those. They are included in your course fees and you will pick them up on the first day of class, in class. For online students they will be e-books that you can use starting the first day of classes, August 24. Your instructor can answer more questions about the includeED program on the first day of class. The basic message is this: you are set, don’t worry about books for your includeED class.
For those students who do not have an includeED class: it’s only done in some classes. It simply means that books and materials are included in the course fees. You may have a class like this in the future. 

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