Thursday, August 6, 2015

Important Dates Leading up to Fall Classes

We hope everyone is set for a great semester! We have some important dates for you to remember as we get closer to the start of classes.

If you still need to apply to Vol State you can do that online at

You can register for classes up to the first week of classes. But we don't advise going that late. Missing even a class or two can be a real problem for students. If you register after August 13 fees will be due when you register.

August 13: Fees are due. Vol State fees for fall classes are due on August 13. If you don't pay by that date, you are in danger of being dropped from the classes you have signed up for. We don't want that to happen, so there are plenty of ways to pay what you owe. We even have deferred payment programs. Go here for details on both:
Approved TN Promise students don't have to worry about that date. You will be covered. It may not show up in your My Vol State account for a while, but you will be covered for the fees you owe.

Other financial aid students need to see what they were set to get for financial aid in the eligibility letter and compare it to what they owe in their My Vol State account. Financial Aid won't show up in your account until the 14th. But don't worry, if you have the money coming you will be fine. If you have excess funds that will also show up. Refunds for excess funds come after your attendance is confirmed by your instructors.
If you have questions, you can contact the Business Office at 615-230-3585.

August 15-19: Bookstore Charge Days for Eligible Financial Aid Students. This allows financial aid students to get books from the Vol State Bookstore before they get their excess funds checks. You will get an email by August 15 in your Vol State email if you are eligible. You can order in-store or online at If ordering on line, when asked for an account number, use your Vol State "V" number including the V.

August 17: Faculty and Staff Convocation. The Gallatin campus will be closed in the morning and back open at 1pm. The Business Office in Gallatin and the Bookstore in Gallatin will be open all day. Livingston, Highland and Cookeville campuses will be open all day.

August 22: Pioneer Preview. 9am to Noon on the Library Lawn and inside Pickel Field House. An event for new students to get off on the right foot, including tips and advice for how to be successful at Vol State. Returning students can also attend. Student clubs and organizations will have tables with sign-up sheets for those interested. There will be live entertainment throughout the day. The Bookstore and Cafeteria will be open. Campus tours will be available and all new students who went through Campus Connect orientation and had their ID picture taken will be able to pick-up their ID’s and parking decals. We will have an ID machine operating for those who still need to have a picture taken or for returning students who need to renew their IDs (they will need to show proof of fee payment to issue the ID). New students are asked to RSVP if you plan to attend Pioneer Preview:

August 24: First day of classes for all campuses. But for new students- please note that classes start on and after that date and on the particular day they usually meet. So, if you don't have a Monday class, you may start on Tuesday.

August 24: Vol State online classes will open for the first time. You will not be able to get into your online class module until this date. Visit their webpage if you are a first time online student. It has tips on how to get started.

September 7: All Vol State locations will be closed for Labor Day.

October 12-13: Fall Break

You can view the entire academic schedule here on our website.

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