Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thanks from Seth Walker

Faculty members will tell you that Seth Walker is a top-notch student at Vol State. Many of you have been in a class with Seth or seen him around campus. He has high tech tools to work on his computer and has a personal assistant, Ken, to help him get around on campus and communicate. We asked Seth to write a blog post about his experiences at Vol State thus far. If you see him around campus be sure to say hello. Here's the post:

Going to college seemed daunting to me. Being at a new school in a totally different atmosphere scared me. However, those fears were put to rest shortly after coming to Volunteer State Community College. From the moment I came on campus, I could sense I was welcomed with open arms.

The faculty at Vol State have gone above and beyond to make sure of my success. Whether it was shortening a test or giving me extra time on an assignment, they have been more than accommodating. The faculty have  also taken an interest in me as a person. They want to get to know me and my personality. In addition, the offices and administration at Vol State have been more than helpful to me. Whenever my assistant, Mr. Ken Brassell, and I walk into an office for help, the staff is always eager to assist me with any needs that I may have. I would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Kathy Sowell and the staff in the Office of Disability Services for their help throughout my time at Vol State. I would not be as successful as I am today without them.
The student body at Vol State have embraced me. They treat me as if I did not have Cerebral Palsy. I love hanging out with my peers on campus. They brighten my day and make college interesting. I am thankful that I can always count on my peers for help. Whether taking notes in class, giving me a ride home, or just hanging out with me on the weekend, my peers are always there for me. Even something as simple as holding a door open for me means a lot.
Vol State is a very disability friendly college. Everyone at the college truly values inclusion. I could not ask for a better first two years.
-Seth Walker

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