Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two Things You Can Do to Have a Great Semester

Welcome back! Here are two things you can do to make sure you have a great semester.
-Go to class. Yes, this sounds obvious, but it is the number one reason why students don’t do well in a course. You skip one class, and then another, and then you find yourself behind. You get frustrated. You don’t do well on a test. It all snowballs. Go to all of your class meetings and stay ahead on assignments. If you have to miss a class, contact the instructor to make up the work.
-Use the free academic help we have for you. You can get help with research for a paper at the Library. Then take that research to the Language Center for help in organizing and writing the paper, and then making sure it’s polished for the final product. You can get help with math homework in the Learning Commons. Take advantage of Supplemental Instruction study sessions if they are available in your class. We also have a new online tutor system available in many subjects coming soon…stay tuned to social media for details. For a list of what we currently have available visit the College Success Zone:
We want to see you smiling when it’s time for finals…so take action now. You can do this!

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