Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This Weekend: A Midsummers Night's Dream

Coming up this weekend: Vol State Theater presents "A Midsummers Night's Dream." Comedy, magic and lovers all on one summer night. March 18 and 19 at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm in Caudill Hall. Free with student ID. $5 suggested scholarship donation for the public. You can also catch it next weekend on March 25 and 26 at 7:30pm.


Anonymous said...

I'm a student at VSCC but I have a young child who is 7. Is this rendition of the play going to be (mostly) child friendly? I expect any "mature" humor to fly right over her head but I would like an idea of whether or not it is appropriate without having to re read the story itself.

Vol State said...

It is kid friendly, and very funny. I brought my 9-yr-old and he loved it. Two more show this Sat & Sun (the 25th and 26th) at 7:30pm!

~ Gaynell

Vol State said...

Correction: Friday and Saturday!