Monday, May 9, 2016

Grads Leave With One Last Word For Tom Hanks

2016 graduates share what it would mean for students if Tom Hanks were to speak at Vol State for commencement 2017:

"It would motivate us more," says Gayla Collier enthusiastically. "We're starting off small but it would say that we can be big too. Our future doesn't have to stop here."

"It would be cool, but I'm jealous," says Jacob Moss. "It would add credential to what we're doing if someone like Tom Hanks took the time to come here."

Vol State students share this message with the world: community college is a stepping stone to greater opportunities. You can be as big as you want to be. Tweet your support with #hanks2volstate.

Gaynell Buffinet Payne is a writer, single mother, and student at Volunteer State Community College. She also blogs for Vol State's Returning Adult Learners

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