Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What Would It Mean If Tom Hanks Spoke Here?

Students at Vol State were asked what it would mean to them if Tom Hanks came to speak here. They shared some of their thoughts and hopes of inspiration, both for themselves and the whole community.

Courtney Vanderburg says she has a heart for people who feel under-educated and stuck. "There are people right now not getting that education, but some of those people could change the world. If Tom Hanks would come he could influence them. It would inspire more people to consider coming back to school."

Wray Fuller: "If he came to speak at Vol State he would be influencing students. Him going the extra mile is saying that he wants them to be successful as well."

  Tanner Wood: “It would be great, this little campus getting a superstar like Tom Hanks. I'm graduating next spring, so that would be a story to tell for years and years.”

 Molly Benson: "It would be great for this school and help to promote community college in general."

Kayla Jackson: "If Tom Hanks came here it would make people feel confident, like they could do something with their lives, because he did."

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