Monday, July 25, 2016

When Is The New Humanities Building Opening?

“When is the new humanities building going to open?” That is the question that is being asked as both faculty and students excitedly anticipate Vol State’s newest addition. The official answer, by the way, is August 22nd: the first day of Fall Semester.

The Steinhauer-Rogan-Black Humanities building is designed to be a hub for students to connect and unwind before and after attending classes in the newly-designed classrooms. It will house various departments in the humanities program – including Music, English, Theater, and Art – as well as offices for adjunct faculty and advisors.

“The level of detail is mind-boggling,” said a source close to the project. “It’s a natural gathering spot, and they really thought about that when they designed it.”

The building stands in a central location between the cafeteria and bookstore in the Wood Campus Center, the Mattox Business Building, and Thigpen Library. The parking lot in front of the library is in the process of being turned into green space and pathways that will flow into the lawns of the Humanities Building.

Students are excited about the changes. “I was here about ten years ago,” said one who had just finished registering as a returning student. “It all looks so different now. It’s just amazing.”

Though students aren't allowed to enter the building until August 22nd, we’ve been given a sneak peak of the state-of-the-art facility.

Sweeping views of the campus are a highlight of the new Humanities Building.

Classrooms feature fun colors and ergonomically designed desks.
A bright spot for faculty to discuss important endeavors.
Cozy nooks give students a place to study.
Cheerful colors add joy to a conference room.
This and so much more will be waiting to be explored when classes begin. Yet another reason to look forward to the Fall Semester at Vol State!

Gaynell Buffinet Payne is a writer, single mother, and student at Volunteer State Community College. She also blogs for Vol State's Returning Adult Learners.

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Excellent piece, Gaynell! The pictures look great!