Friday, August 19, 2016

Are you ready for classes? We have a checklist

Fall semester classes start on Monday, August is a check list to make sure you are ready:
-Double check your schedule online. Make sure you haven't signed up for an online class or a class on another campus that you didn't mean to sign up for.

-Main campus students should check out the Gallatin campus map to see what has moved this summer. New students should print the map to see where their classes will be held.

-The Gallatin campus has had many changes...arrive early for the first week to find the best parking and get acclimated.

-Use the back entrance to the Gallatin Campus, off Greenlea, for quicker access to campus and parking lots.

-You will be able to get into your online classes starting in the early morning hours on August 22. You don't have to log in then, but we usually have some night owl students who want to. You do need to get into your online classes on the first day at some may have assignments immediately.

-If you have been looking for a class that has been full, keep an eye out next week. There is a lot of change during the first week of class and a spot may open up.

-Go to all of your classes and keep going. We know that sounds obvious, but many students get behind in just the first month. This is college and expectations are higher for academic performance. Most importantly, get help before you get frustrated. Talk to your instructor if you don't understand something.

Have a great semester everyone!

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