Friday, August 12, 2016

Guns on Campus - Info for Students

You may have heard talk in the news media about the new guns on campus law now if effect at Vol State and other state colleges and universities in Tennessee. What does it mean for students?

The law commonly known as Tennessee Guns on Campus (T.C.A. § 39-17-1309(e)(9)) allows full-time Vol State faculty and staff who have a valid Tennessee gun carry permit to carry handguns on Vol State campuses. Students, visitors and those not registered with Campus Police cannot carry guns on campus, although guns can be stored in the locked trunk of a vehicle if the gun owner has a valid carry permit. Full-time faculty and staff who wish to carry must register with campus police before carrying a firearm on campus. Faculty and staff who have registered must keep the gun concealed and in their possession at all times if they choose to carry on campus. They also cannot disclose to anyone outside of Campus Police that they are carrying a gun. Certain events and locations on campus are now, and may be in the future, designated as “gun free” and even registered employees are not allowed to carry handguns in those places and at those events.

If you have concerns about someone on campus violating the particulars of the law, you are encouraged to contact Vol State Campus Police at 615-230-3595. This is a link to Vol State policy in regards to the law with details on implementations and requirements.

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