Monday, June 26, 2017

Campus Connect Experiences

One of the most exciting things about becoming a Vol State student is attending Campus Connect, an event where the faculty and staff of Vol State welcome new students to the campus. I can remember when I went to Campus Connect with my aunt, who was there to make sure I stayed focused and didn't become a nervous wreck. Not only did they give us valuable information needed to succeed as a Vol State student (things such as who to contact in an emergency, how many days we needed to attend and why, and how to access the online features available from Vol State), they also gave us a free lunch which is always a good reason to attend many events as a college student.

A College Success Fair was held inside the SRB Building. Vol State representatives were on hand to give incoming freshmen information on valuable resources, such as the Library and Language Center.
Now that I'm almost done with my studies here at Vol State, I can say it's been interesting to see things from the other side during Campus Connect. I saw freshmen followed by, or led by, their parents as they took their first steps onto campus. I got a chance to hear what people were going to school for and whether they had everything planned out or not. There was plenty of hard work put in by the faculty and staff, and they carried on despite the heavy rain. By the end of the day, the uncertainty that the students felt when they first set foot on campus had been washed away, replaced with excitement for the upcoming semester.

A new addition to Campus Connect is the Color War, a competition where students choose to represent either the Blue Team or the Red Team. Which team do you support?

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