Monday, July 31, 2017

Caitlyn Ellis on Studying Abroad and Being SGA President

It’s not every day that you’re able to study in a foreign country. Recently, our SGA president, Caitlyn Ellis, was given that opportunity. Caitlyn traveled to Ireland with other students to study abroad for a few weeks. Now that she’s back, I sat down with her to ask about her trip and her position as President of the SGA (Student Government Association).
“Overall, the trip was amazing. It was fascinating to see stuff from, like, the ninth century; something old. The history and culture there was really moving.” I asked Caitlyn why other students should study abroad. “You learn about a culture other than your own. We took a World Lit class in Ireland and learned about Irish authors. We would read about a place, and then we would go and see it. It was a better experience than just sitting in a classroom.”
Caitlyn will be leading the SGA. “It’s a lot of responsibility, but I’m really excited to put my spin on things. I enjoy being an advocate for students, especially those that have no one to speak for them.”  Caitlyn had this advice to share for students looking to get the most out of their Vol State experience. “Get involved. Even if you don’t know anybody, put yourself into a situation where you can get involved.”

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