Monday, July 17, 2017

Meet the New Faces of Vol State

Photographer Richard Suter goes to great lengths to get his shots.
Sarahi VillaseƱor
They may not be supermodels, but the President’s Ambassadors at Vol State sometimes have to work like them. These students are given the task of making Vol State look good, whether they’re giving campus tours, or attending events and photo shoots. While it might seem like an easy gig, the President’s Ambassadors have to work hard to gain the position and even harder to keep it. After all, the Ambassador program is a competitive scholarship that can pay for a student’s full tuition for the rest of their time at Vol State.

Joshua Thompson
Recently, I attended a photo shoot for these new faces. It felt surreal taking pictures of a photographer while he shots pictures of students in a classroom setting. Afterwards, I had a chance to interview a couple of these students. A point they stressed was how difficult it was to become a President’s Ambassador. “It’s very challenging,” said Sarahi VillaseƱor, “they kept saying how hard it would be and that one wrong word could take you out of it.”  It wasn’t all doom and gloom, however, as I asked them how it felt to have accomplished this goal. “I feel very blessed. Like I’ve accomplished a very big goal and I’m now one of the faces of Vol State,” said Joshua Thompson. I also asked if they had any advice for students looking to become President’s Ambassadors. “You have to be dedicated and have the heart to help and give back because they’re giving to you,” replied Joshua.

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