Monday, August 7, 2017

3 Things You Might Have Missed from Campus Connect

Heather Harper
Campus Connect is an important first step for new Vol State students. Not only does it help to get students get settled in on campus, it also provides freshmen with important information and dates to remember. Campus Connect may be over for the semester, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you couldn’t attend. I had the opportunity to ask Heather Harper, Manager of Student Engagement and Support, about the three most important things students should know if they missed out on orientation.

1. Fee Payment – August 17th

“If students don’t have their things handled, then their classes will be dropped and they will be purged from our system.” There are many ways to pay your fees if you haven’t already. Follow this link here for more information.

2. Parking Decal and Student ID

“Students would have to think something is up if they arrive during the first week of classes and see that their friends have stickers on their back windshields.” You can visit this page for more information about parking decals and student IDs.

3. The Bookstore

“Get your books in a timely fashion, not six weeks into the semester.” To purchase your books for the semester, you can either visit the Vol State bookstore located in the Woods Campus Center or simply order them online from their website.

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