Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Welcome Middle College Students!

Principals Brad Schreiner and Betsy Hunter are pictured here alongside a handful of Middle College students
Here at Vol State, we have a partnership with Sumner County schools to offer Sumner County Middle College (SCMC) to high school students. This program allows students to obtain their high school diploma while earning college credits. The fall semester has already started for these students, so what have they been up to this past couple of weeks?
Left to Right: Elise Piliponis, Ben Woods, Shelby Sweby and Carson Lowe
“They are learning how to be successful in college,” said Betsy Hunter, one of the two principals who oversee the SCMC program. In their first lessons, the students of SCMC are taught how to read their syllabuses and schedules, time management, and the importance of attendance. “This is the time we get to know them,” stated Brad Schreiner, the other principal of SCMC. “We get to spend a lot more time with students here than in a traditional high school because we get a lot more one-on-one time with them,” added Hunter.  

“It’s a really good alternative to high school if you can handle the workload,” said Ben Woods when asked about his feelings on SCMC. “It’s really nice to be able to move my schedule around to fit my needs,” said Elise Piliponis, who does theater outside of her studies. We welcome these Middle College students to Vol State and wish them the best this semester!

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