Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Struggling with English? The Language Center Can Help!

Betty Mandeville offers her English expertise to a student.
Throughout your college career, you’ll be writing a lot of papers and doing even more research. As a student focused in English, I’ve had to spend countless hours working on essays. It’s gotten easier over the years, and part of that has to do with the Language Center. For the first few large papers I had been assigned, I needed the help of the tutors in the Language Center. They helped me understand how to properly cite sources, structure my papers, and get my points across. Without their assistance, I wouldn’t be near as good at writing papers as I am now.
Josh Ashby, peer tutor
“I believe the first draft of anything is terrible, so it’s good to have a second set of eyes to catch the things you missed,” says Josh Ashby, a peer tutor, on the importance of using the Language Center.  
Josh and I talk about the benefits of using the Language Center
The Language Center is in the SRB Building, Room 205. It is staffed by tutors who are specialized in all things related to the English language. As director Suzanne Previte puts it, “Anything at all where students need to communicate in any English language, we help with that.” Basically, their help goes beyond just research papers; they can lend an ear and a critical eye to speeches, resumes, and personal projects The Language Center also offers limited tutoring in Chinese, French, and Spanish. They also provide access to Rosetta Stone and other language resources. The best part of this? The help offered in the Language Center is free to Vol State students. For more information about the Language Center, follow this link or send an email to

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