Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Learning Commons Can Help You Test Out of Learning Support Classes

Victory Folsom
Most students don’t want to take classes that they may not have to. This is a situation Victory Folsom found herself in at the start of her freshman year here at Vol State. She scored too low on the reading portion of the ACT and found herself required to take a Learning Support class. Rather than sit through a semester of a class she didn’t want to take and be locked out of her other required classes, Victory decided to test out with the help of the Learning Commons. “I got to test out of reading learning support,” says Victory, “I also got some nice criticism on how to write papers, like things you shouldn’t do like run-ons and fragments.” The Learning Commons saved Victory time that she could spend on other classes, and helped her better understand how to read and write critically.
The Learning Commons of the Gallatin campus are in the Thigpen Library. Learning Support classes take place here, but it is also an area where students can get academic help. They offer tests to help you figure out what skills you need to work on, and tutoring to develop those skills. And as with Victory, they can help you test out of any learning support courses. For more information on how the Learning Commons can help you succeed and the hours during which they offer assistance, follow this link.

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