Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Secret for Doing Well in College

Go to class.
That sounds like pretty simple advice. But once you’re in the classroom, it’s not so easy. You do have a life outside of college and it can be demanding. We understand.
Research studies show that when college students attend class they do better on tests and achieve higher final grades. Attending class means you have a better grasp of the material and on the deadlines coming up for assignments and tests. Keep an eye on that syllabus at all times. If you work ahead on projects and papers you will have more time to get them done right.
Also- if you miss class because of a snow day, make sure you check the eLearn page for your class. Your instructor will often post new readings or assignments to keep the class going. Don’t let bad weather derail you. Follow the syllabus and keep up.
Persistence is important. If you have to miss a class, for whatever reason, you can work to catch up and still do well. Research also shows this. So, don’t give up.
If you’re getting behind, check the syllabus and start working on the readings and assignments. You can also talk to your professor if there are certain things you don’t understand. We have free academic support programs available. Check out the list on the College Success Zone web page.

We hope you have a great semester!

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