Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Help Us Name Our New Pioneer

Are you ready to meet the new guy on campus? Vol State has introduced a new mascot today to help cheer on our Pioneers, and some of our students are excited to meet him. “I think it’s a good idea,” says Nathan Woodard, “It gets people more involved.” Another student, Kadee Johnson, says, “Every sports team needs a mascot. It gets people riled up, and I think that would be fun.” We’ve got almost everything ready, but we’re missing something.
Our Pioneer needs a name, and we’re open to suggestions. We value the input of our campus community and would love to hear your ideas. All that we ask is that they be reasonable; nothing vulgar or silly. Some ideas we’ve already had were “Paul”, “Pierre”, and “Patrick”. We’d like to use “Pete”, but some other schools have a “Pioneer Pete” of their own. For a bit more inspiration, check out this list of mascots at other schools. If you have any appropriate suggestions for the name of our new Pioneer, send them to

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