Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Visit Your Advisor Now So You Don't Have to Worry Later

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about the spring semester. You’ll be able to register for spring classes starting in the first week of November. Get started now by meeting with your academic advisor. Your advisor can help you figure out what classes to take, and can make sure you’re getting what you need to succeed. Since my focus is in English, my advisor is Nancy Blomgren. Throughout my time here at Vol State, I’ve made it a point to check in with her a couple of times each semester. She’s helped me concoct a good plan of action for which classes to take, and she got me back on track after unfortunate scheduling meant I couldn’t get the classes I needed.

It’s important to see your advisor sooner rather than later. He or she can help you pick which classes you need, making sure you get the schedule you want. You can also schedule an appointment with your academic advisor at other times- to seek their advice on other academic matters, like graduation, transferring, and switching your major. If you don’t know who your advisor is, you can figure it out by logging into your MyVolstate account. As soon as you do, you’ll see a group of quick links. Click on “DegreeWorks” and you’ll be lead to a page that shows who your adviser is. You can click on their name to email them if need be.
Priority spring semester registration opens on November 6 for sophomores (30 credit hours or more) and November 7 for freshmen (less than 30 credit hours).

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