Thursday, November 30, 2017

Reflecting on My Time Here at Vol State

During my first semester at Vol State, I had English Comp 1 with Sarah Passino. Professor Passino was one of the most enthusiastic professors that I had ever met, and she wanted nothing more than to share the joy of writing with her students. Several class periods would begin with us replying to passages from a book called Writing Down the Bones (a book that any aspiring writer should check out), and they would end with Professor Passino dismissing us and reminding us to “think great thoughts.” Without her class, I wouldn’t be as interested in writing as I am, I wouldn’t have published some of my work, and I certainly wouldn’t be here posting on this blog.
Of course, Professor Passino isn’t the only person that I have to thank for making my time here at Vol State worthwhile. Never did I have an instructor that I didn’t like, and there was never a point where it felt like I wasn’t gaining anything out of my courses. Outside of class, I spent a lot of time in the cafeteria. Many dollars were spent in the Grill on sweet tea (my preferred drink to start the day), and several lifelong friends were met, either through interesting conversations or video game battles.
As I leave my post as social media writer and move on from Vol State, I can offer a few pieces of advice. Keep an open mind, and try to do new things; join a club, pay a visit to a building you haven’t yet, and most importantly, talk to people. This is good to remember should you get frustrated in your courses, as there are plenty of open ears and helping hands on campus. You should never be above taking help, especially as a college student. And finally, as Professor Passino would say, “think great thoughts.”

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