Friday, November 17, 2017

Vol State Men's Basketball Preview

Coach Melvin gives the team some advice going into this weekend's game
Everyone enjoys a good underdog story, and we’re set to see one unfold on the hardwood this weekend. The Pioneers will take on Motlow State Community College in their first home game this weekend, and they appear to be up against some tough competition. “We’re playing the 9th ranked team in the nation,” said Coach Rusty Melvin about Motlow State, “We’re playing the best team in our league and it should be a good game.” We had the opportunity to speak with Coach Melvin and the team on their mindset going into this weekend’s game, as well as the rest of the season. Here’s what they had to say:
How do you feel about the team going into this season?
Coach Melvin: “We’ve been an underdog in every game so far. The only thing we need to improve on are our free-throws towards the end of the game. If we’ve got everyone healthy then we’ll show up and play hard. “
Jordan Buchanan and Jaden Chumley
How do you feel about the team going into this season?
Jordan Buchanan: “Good. We have a lot of athletic guys. Will, our big guy, is pretty good around the basket. Our guards play the best that’s been at Vol State in a while.”
How do you feel about the team going into this season?
Jaden Chumley: “We should be really solid going into this season. We’ve got a lot of good of good playmakers, a good mixture of shooting and post-work. If we can just string together all three for a game, we’ll be set.”
Your Vol State men’s basketball team is set to face against Motlow State at 4:00 PM this Saturday in the Pickel Field House Gym.

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