Thursday, January 18, 2018

Changes for Important Dates Due to Weather Closings

Due to recent Vol State Campus weather closings, important dates this semester have been altered in order to accommodate all students. 
 Refunds, Financial Aid and Bookstore Charge Period:

Ø  Financial Aid is dependent on attending all classes once.  The dates have been pushed back to provide all students the opportunity to attend class and meet this requirement.  If you have yet to attend class this semester, please contact your instructor and log onto eLearn to complete possible reading and assignments as listed for each class. 

Ø  The last day for a 100% refund has been extended until today, January 18th, for courses in the following parts of term: Full Term , 1st 5 weeks, 1st 7 weeks, and Dual Enrollment. The refunds for TN eCampus courses have not changed. The last day for 75% and 25% refunds have not changed. All refund dates can be found at

Ø  Financial Aid refunds will begin today, January 18th. As always, attendance for all your courses must be confirmed before the refund can be issued. Direct Deposit refunds will be issued the same day the refund is processed, and checks will be mailed the following business day. To set up direct deposit, visit

Ø  The financial aid bookstore charge period that ended Friday, January 12th is not being extended so that financial aid refund processing is not delayed.

Ø  The $25.00 late registration fee is being waived for the spring 2018 semester.

Registration is Extended Along with Drop / Add Dates:

Ø  Drop/Add has been extended through Tuesday, January 23rd.  Current students and Spring 2018 applicants may register for any open courses through the end of drop/add. Beginning Wednesday January 24th, if you would like to register for an evening course that meets on Wednesday, January 24th or Thursday January 25th, contact the Advising Center for permission to late-add.

Ø  After drop/add, students will have to get a signature from their instructor to drop a course.  Signatures will be required to drop for full semester classes beginning Monday January 29th.  Signatures will be required for 1st 5 and 1st 7 week courses beginning Wednesday, January 24th.
E-Learn and TN eCampus:

Ø  Report any discrepancies between your schedule and eLearn to Distributed Education by sending an email to Include your name, V#, and a description of the problem.

Ø  TN eCampus Courses (RODP courses that have a section code beginning with an R, like R50, R51, etc.) can only be accessed at

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weather Closings and Late Registration

All Vol State locations closed Wednesday, January 17, due to weather conditions. No day or night classes. Students should visit the eLearn page for each class to find out what readings and assignments to complete. Check eLearn email for messages from instructors.

Due to continued inclement weather, drop/add has been extended through Monday, January 22nd.

If you still need to register for classes or change classes, and need help, you can still get it done this week. Visit us Thursday, when we are open again. If you have applied and not had a response yet, you should expect that email this week when we return. Our goal is to help everyone who wants to take spring classes get squared away this week.

If you don't need help, you should still be able to register and drop classes online via My Vol State.

Please check your eLearn page for all of the classes you plan to take for messages from your instructors. If you had a Tuesday class scheduled, you may have reading or other assignments. We don't want anyone getting behind this week.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Meet the New Student Social Media Writer

Hello students, faculty and staff! My name is Rachel Keyes and I am now the Social Media Writer for Vol State! I am so excited and looking forward to getting to know all of you. I am on a quest for fascinating things happening around campus. My goal is to become as connected with campus and student life as possible while holding this position.

I am 23 years old and a returning student at Vol State. My major is Psychology; I genuinely love people and am fascinated by the human mind. I am originally from Kentucky, and also spent some time in California before deciding to return to my southern roots. I am now married to my best friend who is an immigrant from Morocco. He has inspired me to learn French, one of his native languages, and I will be taking Honors French II this spring with Dr. Blomquist. I enjoy reading, writing, dancing, and traveling.

So, I’ve told you a little bit about my life, now I want to hear from your story! My e-mail address is - please feel free to send me ideas, questions, comments, or stories.
Rachel Keyes

Meet Your Classmates For The Spring Semester

Say hello to returning student Shannon Schmidt! Shannon is an Early Childhood Education major and was inspired to become a teacher by her Grandmother, Kathryn Roberts, who is a Vol State Alumni herself! Schmidt says her Grandmother is tremendously encouraging, reminding her that it is possible to succeed, despite the challenges of life. Shannon is 27 years old and has a 6 year old daughter named Leah, whom she spends most of her free time with. Shannon loves the welcoming atmosphere of Vol State, particularly for older students.

Meet Miss La'Bresha Nept! She is 26 years old, originally from Montgomery, Alabama. Her favorite part of being a student at Vol State is the positive energy, diversity, and inclusiveness of the college, making her feel welcome and at home. La'Bresha is majoring in Respiratory Therapy and loves to shop. Nept is also a very talented singer. Come say hello to these ladies around campus. We're thrilled to have you here!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

All Campuses Closed Monday, January 15

All Vol State campuses will be closed on Monday, January 15 to observe the MLK Jr. holiday. There will be no classes and offices will be closed. Spring classes start on January 16 if you have Tuesday classes...and then for whatever days you have classes after that.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tips for New Students

We're getting ready for the Spring semester at Vol State. Here are some tips for new students:

-Classes start on Tuesday, January 16, but if you don't have a Tuesday class, your first class will be whatever day you have class that week. Monday is the MLK holiday and all campuses will be closed.

-Make sure you attend all classes in the first two weeks- your financial aid depends on it.

-Attend all of your classes anyway. A big reason people drop out of college is because they have fallen behind in classes. Go to class.

-Double check your schedule to make sure you are taking the classes you think you are taking. If you see TBD listed as a location or time, and you have double checked recently in My Vol State and it still says that- you could be signed up for an online class. Nothing wrong with that if it is what you intended.

-Livingston, Highland Crest and CHEC are other campuses, not buildings. Make sure you intend to take a class there if it is listed.

-Print up a copy of the Gallatin campus map to spot your classes ahead of time. Print it to take with you for your first week of classes.

-Give yourself an extra half-hour or so the first week of classes to find your favorite parking place and your best route to class.

-Use the back entrance to the Gallatin campus off Greenlea, it's much less congested. Parking in those back lots is also easier.

-Sign-up for Vol State social media to get tips and info you need. You can Like Us on 
Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter. Also, stay tuned to this blog for news and stories for students.

Still Time to Apply and Register for Spring Classes - They Start January 16

There is still time to register for spring classes at all of the Vol State campuses, but you need to act now. Classes start January 16. Students who attended in the fall semester can register now. New and readmit students will need to apply first. That can be done online at There is no charge for the application.

You will need to pay for your classes when you register. The Business Office has a deferred tuition program that can help spread those payments out through the semester. They also have a number of ways to pay. Visit this page for details.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Why You Should Use Vol State Social Media

You may not use Facebook or email much in your personal life, but we're going to give you some reasons to use it in your college career. Facebook and Email are two important ways the college will stay in touch with you. We would suggest that you visit both at least once a day for important notices and tips for college success.
But I hate Facebook! You don't have to use it for anything else, just Like the college Facebook page. We will post there several times a day, about all sorts of stuff. There is not another social media application that allows us to communicate with you in the way that Facebook does.
I never use email. You need to check your student email daily for important notices from offices such as Financial Aid and Student Services.
We do have other social media you can use and we will even be texting you info throughout the school year. Here's what we have available:
Facebook: The Vol State Facebook page is home to all sorts of information and tips to help you throughout the school year. Students chat with each other, sell textbooks and share information about favorite classes and professors.

Blog: The Vol State Virtual Community is our campus blog. It has stories about interesting people on campus, cool new programs, student activities and more. In fact, you're on it right now! You can set up an RSS feed to get regular updates or just look-in whenever you feel like it:

Twitter: We send info about campus events and happenings on our main Twitter page. Follow us:
Instagram: Share your photos of life on campus and your accomplishments. We’ll post pics from around campus as well. Instagram: /volstatecampus.
Web Page: The Vol State website is your primary hub for everything Vol State. You can use the A-Z index to locate specific programs or offices. The People Finder will help you look up instructors or staff.
My Vol State and Email: You'll be receiving important notices throughout the school year on your student email account. It's important to check this often. This is our way of reaching you individually with important information about things such as financial aid. You can access your email by using the My Vol State web page. My Vol State helps you connect to online classes as well. Keep an eye on the My Vol State page for other campus information, such as stories from the Settler student newspaper.
Texting: All Vol State students are automatically signed up for text messaging. We have two services- one is for emergencies and important notices, such as weather closings and delays. The second service will provide tips on how to be successful in your classes. We won't text more than twice a week on either service. However, if you really want to cancel the text service you can do so at any time by replying STOP to the text. We recommend that you wait a few weeks to see what the texts are like, before you decide to cancel or not. Just imagine- you can stay in bed and wait for the college to let you know that it's a snow day and classes are canceled. Can't beat that.

Have a great semester and stay in touch!

Vol State Offers Free Pregnancy Ultrasounds

Please let your friends and family know:
The Vol State Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is offering free ultrasounds for expecting moms in their second or third trimester this spring. The program organizes the scans so that Vol State students can gain experience with real obstetric patients. The scans will be performed in the Sonography Center at the Vol State campus in Gallatin. It’s equipped with six beds, HD screens and state-of-the-art ultrasound machines. All ultrasounds are supervised by a Vol State faculty member. The students will be scanning on Mondays and Wednesdays through the end of April. The scans usually last one-hour.  Patients must sign a release of liability, and already have had an initial ultrasound exam before they can participate. To schedule an appointment please contact the Jessica Campbell at 615-230-3322. For more information about the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program visit

Friday, January 5, 2018

Extended Hours for Some Offices January 8-11

To help you get ready for Spring classes, which start on January 16, some Vol State offices will have extended hours from Monday, January 8 until Thursday, January 11. These offices will be open until 5:30pm: Admissions, Advising, Business, Financial Aid, Student Engagement, Office of Vice President of Student Services, and Records.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tuition and Fees for Spring Classes Due Monday, January 8

Tuition and fees for Spring classes are due by Monday, January 8. There are a number of ways to pay. Click here for details. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Spring Classes Start January 16 - Apply or Register Now

Spring semester classes start on January 16. You still have time to apply if you are a new or readmit student or to register if you took classes last fall.
All campuses will be open for normal hours Wednesday and Thursday to help you. The Gallatin campus will be closed until 1pm on Friday for a professional development day.
We look forward to having everyone on campus!