Friday, April 6, 2018

Suspicious Incident on Gallatin Campus

On April 5, Volunteer State Community College held the annual Science and Math Expo event for kids and families on the Gallatin campus. There were also kids and families on campus for the annual Sumner County Elementary Art Show. At some point during the Science and Math Expo a group of individuals, not associated with the event, taped paper flyers and business card sized flyers to walls and bulletin boards in the Wallace Building where the Expo was being held. The flyers and card were not approved nor authorized by Vol State.  The flyers said “Internet Forum” at the top, encouraging readers to visit a website for “Conversations with Real People.” There is also a QR code for scanning and an internet address. Both connect to a web page called “Imagine Forum.” We are not sure of the purpose of the site, but it does appear to be trying to reach children because the flyers and cards had drawings of unicorns.
This suspicious activity was noticed quickly by our faculty, staff and students, who then worked to take the flyers down and promptly notified Vol State Campus Police. They were posted in several rooms. It is not known if the flyers were handed directly to kids or parents.
Just to be cautious, Vol State is asking all parents who have children who attended the events to check the materials the kids may have brought home. It is recommended that parents discuss the flyer with their children to make sure they have not visited one of the sites given. We don’t know the purpose of the sites, but believe parents should be aware.

If anyone has any information about these flyers we ask them to please contact the Vol State Campus Police at 615-230-3595.

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