Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Your Classes and Financial Aid

The Federal Government has developed a policy to ensure students enroll only in courses needed to complete their chosen program of study. Because of this policy some students will receive emails sent to their Vol State email account alerting them to a problem with the courses they are currently enrolled in for Fall 2018. Please check your Vol State email immediately to see if you have received this email.
If you receive this email, and you are receiving or pursuing financial aid, you will need to:
-Contact your assigned advisor right away.
-You can find out your assigned advisor on My Vol State under the Academics tab.
-If you can’t reach your assigned advisor call the Advising Center at 615-230-3702.
Failure to do so could will affect your financial aid funding.
Students not receiving financial aid should still contact their advisor to see if a major change or some other change should be made to their schedule.

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