Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Starting college for the first time, or returning after it has been a while, can be quite nerve racking. Even if you've been a college student for quite some time, a brand new semester approaching can oftentimes cause a bit of anxiety. Vol State is dedicated to student success, so we spoke to Gail Tomkins, adjunct faculty instructor of College Success courses, to learn some tips for getting off on the right foot.

“Always attend every single class period and be on time. Oftentimes, instructors will give important announcements at the beginning or end of class,” said Tomkins. Students may not consider this until it’s too late, but it is wise to come early to get a parking space to ensure that you are indeed on time for class.

A few other common sense tips are: get sufficient sleep, take a break for lunch – preferably a healthy one – and don’t procrastinate!

It’s no secret that having a support system is a great way to feel connected with those around you. “Establishing a group of friends to rely on is important because you can help each other out if one misses a class. I also think it helps students stay in college if they have a support group,” Tomkins said. From my perspective as a student, don’t be afraid to try to make friends, and when you do, help each other stay on track by holding each other accountable.

Let’s face it, we are all human, and we can be rather forgetful at times. Another piece of advice that Tomkins stressed is to keep a planner. “Don’t try to keep everything in your head,” she added. Keeping a planner will help you stay on track, stay organized, and stay a few steps ahead.

-By Rachel Keyes

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