Friday, January 25, 2019

Vol State Student Leader Shares Her Educational Journey

Vol State student Megen Roberts’ challenges have been many, but she’s never let them hold her back. Her initial encounter with Vol State was in 2013. After two semesters, she was forced to drop out when her eight year-old son Samuel, who has a form of autism and cerebral palsy, became very ill. It was in the fall of 2017 that she next considered college. While working two jobs, she recognized that despite her obstacles, she wanted something larger for her life.

“I was at work one day, and I looked up and realized that everybody who was there was miserable. I didn’t want to be like any person that I worked with. Meaning, the life they had, I didn’t want. So, I decided to quit my job, both of them, and come back to school … Quitting my jobs was a big financial burden for my family, but I was able to get a scholarship through the foundation in the spring semester, which was really helpful.”

At thirty years of age, she is a first generation college student. Despite a rocky first semester back, she kept going and never gave up.

“I got shingles that semester and I missed a month of lectures. I really didn’t think I was going to be able to keep going, and somehow, I managed to end the semester with all A’s. I worked really hard. At the end of the semester when I got my grades, I remember thinking, ‘I might be able to do this.’ “

Not only did she excel in her classes, she now wears many hats around campus. She’s the president of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), a President’s Ambassador, and Honors student.

“I really thought that as a non-traditional student I would just exist in classes and go home. Being this involved is not what I expected. I just didn’t think I would be able to do it, but somehow, everything is falling into place.”

Megen has realized her calling to become a History professor.

“I’ve always loved history. It’s this amazing thing that encompasses all of humanity. I can get excited just about any period of history, I think it’s all just completely fascinating and it’s something that we’re always finding out something new about. It’s constantly changing, and I could spend the rest of my life doing it, and learn something new every single day.”

-By Rachel Keyes

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