Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Graduate Profile: Tari Pearson

Pre-Nursing graduate and TN Reconnect student, Tari Pearson, took her first swing at college straight out of high school. Life then got in the way of her finishing. At 48 years of age, her five kids are now grown, so it’s time for Tari to finish the degree she began years ago.

“I don’t have a personal life right now, because my focus is getting through school … I just do what I’m focused on doing, and that’s getting to that [registered nurse] status,” she said.

Tari has worked as a professional caregiver for around ten years, which will give her much experience to bring to the table as a nurse. One interesting fact is that she was a caregiver to Johnny and June Carter Cash. She shared that the Cashs are just two of the many clients that have made her career as a caregiver meaningful. “I was with June the day her pacemaker went out … She had a beautiful spirit about her, always smiled, she was forgiving,” she said.

Tari said she feels that she can make more of a positive difference by moving up from a caregiver to a registered nurse and wanted to return to school to take her career to the next level.

“I’ll be a first generation graduate. Vol State gave me an opportunity to move forward.”

After Vol State, Tari is looking to transfer either to Tennessee State University or Cumberland University to continue her studies in Nursing.

-By Rachel Keyes

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