Wednesday, June 19, 2019

TN Reconnect Students Must Reapply Now

If you have been taking classes using TN Reconnect you need to reapply to TN Reconnect and fill out a new FAFSA form each school year.  The time to do it is now, so that you can use TN Reconnect in the fall and spring. Here are the steps:
-Reapply to TN Reconnect by visiting the TSAC student portal:
-If you have forgotten your password there is a link to reset.
-Fill out a new FAFSA form by going here and logging in:
-If you have forgotten your FAFSA PIN number there will be info on that page to recover it.
These instructions are only for students who have already been taking classes using TN Reconnect. New students who have applied for TN Reconnect and have yet to take classes won’t need to do this until next year.
You will need to complete these steps every year that you intend to use TN Reconnect.
If you have already done this recently then you should be set.
If you have problems you can contact Vol State Financial Aid at 615-230-3456.

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