Friday, September 27, 2019

Have Fun on the Fitness Trail

The Vol State Gallatin campus offers a Fitness Trail as a scenic route and a way to stay physically active on campus.

The Fitness Trail begins by the back of the tennis courts and leads to the Vet Tech building near parking lot J.

The whole trail is mulched and follows the creek behind the college, slightly sheltered by more-forested areas, which provide a place for people to take a break from classes and relax in nature.

For those who want to be more physically engaged, there are six exercise equipment stations located throughout the trail.  It starts with the uneven bars near the tennis courts, then follows with a back extension, sit-up bench, push-up stand, rowing machine, and ends with dual exercise bars near the fine arts building.  Each station has a plaque with exercise information for users. 

For more information about the trail or Vol State fitness, visit

-Gloria Cortes

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