Friday, November 15, 2019

Spring Courses Include Cultures of Color Highlighted in a Special Topic Section

FYEX 1030 and 1040 Sec 003. Cultures of color highlighted in a special topic section.   FYEX 1030 Sec 003 (CRN: 17690 - first 7 week course) focuses on the backdrop of cultural experiences in higher education, with special attention to students of color. This course is structured to help students discover the diversity and richness of the college experience. FYEX 1040 Sec 003 (CRN: 17715 – second 7 week course) examines career exploration and readiness while juxtaposing cultural and diverse experiences and influences, with special attention to students of color. The courses will allow students to identify barriers and opportunities and build on some of the fundamental skills that lead to academic success. The classes are scheduled for TR 11:10 – 12:35. Students must register for both classes. Each class is 1.5 credit hours, so students will earn a total of 3 credit hours of elective credit total. Students will need a permit to register for the special topic sections. Students will need to contact the advising center OR the social science and education division office for a permit to register.

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