Friday, December 6, 2019

Graduate Profile: Gloria Cortes

The chiming notes you hear in a marching band are marimbas. They look like a xylophone and are played with mallets. Marimbas are part of the percussion section. Vol State fall graduate Gloria Cortes plays the marimbas and other percussion instruments. She says the marching band experience is transformative.
“I first started taking drum lessons in sixth grade and then I joined middle school band,” she said. “While I was in high school I also joined an independent band, as well as playing in the school band. I can’t even describe it. It’s the best feeling ever. You’re playing music with your best friends.”
So, why would a musician go to school at a college that doesn’t have a marching band? TN Promise is one reason and other is focus. Cortes wants to focus on her academics. But she may look for opportunities to combine the two in the future. Her other passion is communication.
“I’m interested in writing and talking to people- creating a relationship or a connection in just ten minutes. I really enjoy interviewing people.”
You have probably read some of Gloria’s stories. She worked as the Student Social Media Writer for the college this semester. She was also the assistant editor for the Settler student newspaper last year. “I liked being able to form connections with people around campus. It’s informative and I felt better connected to the college.”
Not surprisingly, Gloria is a communication major at Vol State. “I like how my Communication classes give you a sense of what your career is going to be like.”
That’s something she is starting to consider. Her next step is the Communication Program at MTSU. After achieving her four-year degree, she hopes to find a way to tie music and communication together.
“Doing media or PR for a marching band would be great.”
And her advice to new students?
“Just go to anything with free food. You’re bound to meet other cool people there. When you start talking to people and making connections it makes college much more enjoyable.”

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