Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Advice for New Students by Current Students

Welcome to Vol State! A new semester is upon us and I understand the anxieties that can begin creeping in. I thought it would be helpful to hear what seasoned Vol State students suggested for ensuring the best academic experience possible.
Students I talked with consistently impressed the need to be thorough in reading your class syllabus, paying special attention to due dates, “making a schedule and (navigating) eLearn,” Vol State senior Charles Cason advises. Vol State senior Josh Lampert says, “Don’t get behind and don’t procrastinate. Keep your GPA up. Many programs require a high GPA for acceptance (for example), any medical program.” Vol State senior Julia Bazenet says, when it comes to “big assignments, do a little bit everyday rather than waiting until the last minute.”
Another frequently emphasized tip: study, study study. “You can never study too much,” advises Bazenet. Utilize the study rooms found in the campus library, she further suggests, “They’re out of your own room and away from distraction.”
The most frequent advice given was to use every campus resource afforded to you as often as you need. Build positive relationships with fellow classmates for peer support and professors and don’t be shy to go pay them a visit in their office if necessary.  That’s what they’re there for. The unified goal is for your ultimate success. Don’t go it alone. “Don’t give up, there’s good help here. You are not alone,” said Daniel Walker, Vol State graduate and now on staff as a math specialist in the learning commons.
I felt the best summary was in this succinct, humorous advice given by student Gillian Mraz: “Do your work, study, Quizlet all day every day, utilize your professor, check your friggin’ email.”
Good luck to all newly incoming and returning students alike! Let’s make this semester great!
-Savannah Stover

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