Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Free Help with Math, Papers, and Speeches at the Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is your one stop shop for academic support. There is a Learning Commons location on each Vol State campus. We all need help in one area or another. Give your grades a boost!
The Learning Commons in Gallatin has:

  • Assistance with papers, other written assignments, and speeches/presentations.
  • Help with eLearn Essay Drop-Off (you access via your class eLearn page)
  • Math tutoring for many classes, including math-based science classes
  • Tutoring in other subjects
  • Test preparation
  • Skill assessment and development
  • Help with online classes and eLearn use
  • Help using Tutor.com
Learning Commons locations on the other campuses vary in exactly what is offered, but they all have free academic support. The Learning Commons in Gallatin is located in the Thigpen Library building, first floor.

Details on the other campus locations here. 

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