Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tips from Veteran Online Students

We asked veteran online students to give us some tips for doing well in online classes. Here is what they said: 

“Contact other students in your class if you need help or questions. We are all a team and want to see everyone do great in the classes. Don't stress and just use your time wisely.” - Valerie Ervin Pyles

Download the pulse app on your phone and tablet it makes keeping up with discussion boards and deadlines easier and you can complete things on the go if necessary, without logging into your computer every time.” - Amber J. Barts- McFarland  

Search for Brightspace Pulse in your app store. Make sure it’s the right one, by D2L Corporation. Brightspace runs the Vol State eLearn platform. 

Get a calendar/planner! The most useful thing you can have for taking online classes. Writing down due dates for assignments for the different classes (in DIFFERENT colored ink for each class) is so helpful and allows you to keep up with due dates so you won’t fall behind.” - Katie Ruis 

“Write down all your homework in a notebook with the due dates. I've been getting ahead in classes to keep up with other classes too. Always email your professor if you have questions.” - Reilly Mancel 

Do NOT wait until the last minute to do your work. It’s tempting to put it off and do other things around the house with the thought that you will get to the assignment before the due date. It’s a trap.” - Joi Edge 

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