Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Graduation Profile: Anne Proctor

Anne is a Tennessee Reconnect student who attended Vol State 37 years ago and has come back to get a degree in Business Management. During her first year in college, she ran into hardship that would change her life forever. Now she is preparing to graduate.
“I went for about a year and a half and my mom and I were in a car wreck. My mom died in the accident, which lead me to stop going to Vol State. I then got married, had a family, and got a job as a school secretary.”
When Tennessee Reconnect came along, she saw the perfect opportunity to go back to school to further her education and pursue a new career.
“It seemed a little harder when I first went then it has been now. It has to do with the fact that I have life experience and more maturity, but it is different doing online classes. You have to be more of a self-starter.”
With only ten credits to complete, Anne has been doing online classes at Vol State for a year and a half.
“I had a goal to make better grades when I went back, and I have kept a 4.0. It has been a challenge. The hardest part for me was restarting my brain to take classes and just figuring out how to study.”
In Anne’s free time, she likes to do volunteer work. She teaches 4-Hers how to sew, is a Tennessee Promise mentor, and does ministry services at prisons. Additionally, she likes to bike, read, and hike.
“It has been a blessing.”
Anne encourages people eligible for Tennessee Reconnect to take the opportunity.
“The first time I was there, I was in the middle of classes and my mom died. People there were so sweet, helpful, and understanding. When I went back, it was the same kind of community. Everybody has gone above and beyond to help me get my degree.”
She also advices to just go for it. Ask questions to your advisors and professors. “No one is going to do it for you. Be an advocate for yourself.”
After graduation, she is going to do adult online classes at Trevecca in hopes to land a job in Business Management and get away from the strict desk environment. “My goal is to use it to help somebody else.”

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