Sunday, June 14, 2020

Interview With New Medical Assisting Program Director: Christina Nagy

Program director at Volunteer State Community College, Christina Nagy, explains the details about the new Medical Assisting Program at Vol State
Q: What will the program offer?
A: Initially, we will start off a little bit small and build from there. The program will only be offered at the Gallatin Main Campus. We are taking in a maximum of 12 students at the beginning. We hope to grow it to 24 students and offer it at the satellite locations as well.
Q: What will the students be learning in class?
A: In the fall, prerequisite classes will be taken and must be passed. Then, we will conduct an interview and look through references. Scores will be totaled on their performance to see who will be selected for the core classes in the spring.  They will learn about body systems and about all the different fields in the medical industry. It allows them to have an education that will offer them jobs in many different areas that they could potentially go to work in.
Q: How do the externships work?
A: Externships will be selected for them the following spring after they complete one year of core criteria. I watch them while they are in lab to see how they handle things and place them where I think they will individually excel. The idea of the externships is, if they do well enough, that the facility will hire them.
Q: What are the main benefits of this program?
A: It is a very diverse field to get into and one of the top growing fields in the health industry right now in the nation. One of the unique things about medical assisting is the diversity. The students are taught to participate in all aspects of a medical office. They work in front answering the phone and making appointments, but also work in the back getting vital signs and giving injections. Being cross trained makes you very marketable.
Q: What other aspects will these medical students be involved with?
A: We will actively take the medical students up to par and trained so they will be able to compete next year at Skills USA, representing Vol State. Skills USA is for high school and post-secondary students to compete within their degree program. There are a lot of different contests within the fields. It goes to the national level. A great part of this is that sometimes judges work in the industry and see your performance and offer you a job, especially on the higher competitive levels.
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