Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Transition From Spring to Summer Semester

The transition from spring to summer semester has been difficult for most students 

From the turbulence of switching to an online format to having a two-day break between in between the end of one term and the start of the other, it has not been easy. 

With experiencing the uncertain times in both life and college alongside with you, here are some ways I was able to get through it, plus some advice from other fellow students. 

Stay Motivated 

There are a lot of common struggles that have been brought up within the student population. We are facing the challenges of trying to learn in a different method successfully and keeping our sanity at the same time. Here are a few tips to overcome your struggles when it comes to your classes during this time. 

  • Take Time to Breath 

It is important to focus your mind and body in these hard times. Having many stressors in your life, you can easily become overwhelmed. Take a few minutes to mediate to release those negative energies. I like to take five minutes between every hour off work to set beside my window and just breathe deeply. This has helped to calm my nerves. 

  • Power Hour 

Shane Johnsonsophomore at Vol State says, “Get as much as you can finished within the first few hours after you wake up. Power through that time and then you can have the rest of the day to do other tasks.” This will help you mind stay focused and clear. 

  • Have a Goal 

If you struggle with getting started on your tasks. Write down a list of goal to complete in a day. For example, if you have a paper coming up in a week, list a goal as completing one paragraph of that paper. Slowly inch toward you end endeavor by giving yourself enough time to accomplish the task in mini sessions. 

Be Prepared 

Preparation is something I believe college students struggle withrushing at the last minute. One of the main problems that we as students have faced with going from spring to summer semester in approximately two days is having all our stuff organized. These are some items to have into place before your semester begins so it can run more smoothly. 

  • Time Management 

Sofia Hernandez, Tennessee Reconnect student suggest that, “Make sure to manage your time by setting aside enough hours in the day to complete your work.” By doing your assignments ahead time, it can save you a lot of worry. 

  • Buy Textbooks 

This is one of the main struggles I faced in the transition from spring to summer classes. There was a two-day period from each semester, and it did not come to my mind to order my textbooks that I would need for the summer because I was so consumed with finals. By doing this, you can save your grades immensely. 

  • Supplies 

Another issues I had was not having the necessary supplies. My computer crashed and my cellphone was crushed on the last weeks of my spring classes. I was panicked and was not sure where to go from there. Through that process, I learned to not be afraid to ask for help and have a backup for everything whether it be a library or friend’s electronic device or other needed school supplies. 

With the transition from spring to summer, from in-person to online, and from normal to a whole new reality, we must do the best we can and keep a positive attitude. I hope some of these tips from Johnson, Hernandez, and I will help stay motivated, focused, organized, and positive. 

We must stick together during this process of adaptation and always look forward to new opportunities. Even though it is tough, you will be glad you stuck it out and put your education first. 

Vol State wishes you the best in your summer classes. 

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