Wednesday, September 22, 2021

How Free Academic Coaching Can Help You

Academic Coaches are available to help you with time management, study skills, and online class success. I talked to Crystal Malone-Black, an Academic Coach here at Vol State, and we discussed how Academic Coaching can help students succeed.

How can working with an Academic Coach improve student success?

“Working with an Academic Coach can improve student success by allowing them to enhance study skills, scheduling, and all tools needed to be successful.”

How do you get in touch with an Academic Coach? Is it online or in-person?

“You can do either,” said Crystal. “A student can come directly to the Learning Commons and request through the receptionist to be scheduled. Or they can go to the Vol State website and to the Learning Commons. There’s a direct link they can select to schedule an Academic Coach.”

Have you ever heard any misconceptions or fears that students have about Academic Coaching? How can you ease those fears?

“This is by no means a service that looks down upon anyone whether you’re a new student or an adult learner,” she said. “This program is basically just to help you and give you the support that you need to succeed. It’s a safe spot.”

What is some advice that you typically give to students who are struggling in their classes?

“The typical advice during this pandemic that I give to students is that everyone is doing something new. This is a new way of learning with a lot of classes being online. Try not to be overwhelmed.”

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-Chloe Duvall

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