Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Check out the new Settler Website

Veterinary program in the works for Vol State sounds like an interesting story, right? Well, you can check it out in the latest edition of the "Settler", the Vol State student newspaper.

New students may be seeing the "Settler" for the first time. It's an award-winning publication that has a reputation for breaking news on campus. Now, they have a new website. You can find all of the stories from the print version, and a bunch of interactive features including chat and a search mechanism. It also has stories from other college papers across the area. The student Editor, Rob Spires, tells me he hopes to be adding new content, in between issues, on a regular basis. I'm personally looking forward to their first breaking news story. You can check out the printed version of the Settler on racks across campus. You can visit the new website by clicking here http://www.settleronline.com/

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