Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A door contest judge speaks out!

Jared, one of our student Presidential Ambassadors, was a judge in the Holiday Door Contest here at Vol State. It's put on by the Employee Relations Committee and organized by Jenny Bartley. Here is Jared's blog entry about it all…and our first blog poem! The winning door is pictured. It was decorated by the TRIO Student Support Services program. Also, we've included the odd, but honorable mention winning, giant cat door, by the legendary Howard Espravnik from WVCP radio. Here's Jared:

Doors were the center of attention for myself and two other judges, Whitney and Tasha, in last Fridays Christmas decoration competition. For us and many others, this is yet another reminder that Christmas is right around the corner. Judging these door decorations was quite a trip in itself. As the judges, we got a first-hand look into the creative minds that work here at the college, and basically get to see how each mind is warped by their own department. I’ve compiled the whole shebang into a Christmas poem to remember...

We saw garland a’plenty,
Bribes with candy that was minty.
Miles of lights that were blinking,
And one curious cat, "What the heck was he thinking?"
There were pyramids of penguins,
Presents for the staff,
And one Christmas wish list,
That would make us all laugh.
Records from ‘60,
And a Santa that was tipsy.
The Marines were in salute,
Today we had a hoot!

Posted by Jared

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Kathleen Moore said...


Thanks for a laugh on a cold, dreary day,
but don't expect poetry to bring you good pay!

Okay, I'm just as bad, but I love your sense of humor!