Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Fun

Today’s Holiday Luncheon was a great event. Patsy Lawson shared a story with us about car safety… a Holiday sort of way. Let’s just say, car alarm technology is pretty good these days. Apparently, you can’t get in or out – an elaboration on the roach motel concept I guess. Nonetheless, she did a wonderful job, along with the music provided by Hendersonville High School, and the hard work done by the staff council.

Anyway, the food was great, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the fellowship. This will probably be my last blog of the year, for a grand total of 3 (Eric has helped me with every one). So I would like to say Happy Holidays to the entire campus, as well as friends of the College. I hope the New Year brings good health, happiness, and a brighter look on life.

Posted by Ken.

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Kathleen Moore said...

Happy Holidays to you, too, Ken. I, for one, am really enjoying the Blogging!