Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tech Fun - Fun Food Sites

Today's "tech tip" will actually focus on some food sites that provide fun, entertainment and in some cases, even good recipes.

If you are in the mood for food trivia or little known facts (great to impress friends and teachers) or you just need some recipes, check out the Accidental Hedonist. Checking some recent blog posts, there is a great discussion about the history of Absinthe and the changes in food blogging since 2005. A site that is good for hours of entertainment.

If you're stuck for a last minute research paper, or need those little known facts for a family game of Trivia, then you're in luck if you visit The History of Cookies site. Learn about cookies from their 7th century origin to their current state.

I don't want to shortchange the mathematicians at the school so check out this site- Math with Gingerbread Men! Who would of thought ... there is something on this site for all ages, from pre-school all the way to college. Why not bake a few Gingerbread men before you study?

Finally, since Gingerbread is on my mind, I wanted to recommend a fun book (no, this isn't a tech tip but who can resist a 7 foot tall gingerbread man....). If you are looking for a slighly unusual book (with a tech twist) then make some time to read The 4th Bear, I can almost guarantee you'll never look at nursery rhymes the same way :)

I'll be back with more tech fun and tech tips in January when Spring semester begins.

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